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    I. Household registration:
    A. Registration of personal status
      1. Birth registration
      2. Death/ death announcement registration
      3. Acknowledgement registration
      4. Adoption/ adoption termination registration
      5. Marriage/ divorce registration
      6. Guardianship registration
    B. Registration of movement
      1. Moving-in registration 
      2. Moving-out registration (emigrant population)
      3. Address alteration registration
    II. Initial household registration
    III. Alteration/ correction/ revocation/ annulment registration
    IV. Birthplace registration
    V. Acquisition/ loss/ restoration of nationality
    VI. National I.D. card issuance and changes
    VII. Household registry issuance
    VIII. Household certificate issuance and citizen review of household records
    IX. Registration/ replacement/ annulment of personal seal
    X. Coding/ production/ replacement/ re-issuing of address plates
    XI. Address plate certification issuance
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